Today with orthodontic treatments we can correct not only the malposition of the teeth but also correct alignment, modify crowding, close diastemas (space between teeth) to achieve a harmonious smile and improve the functionality of your teeth.


The duration of an orthodontic treatment depends on each case, but usually the treatments range from 18 to 24 months, but there are specific cases that the treatment can last 36 months. But the length of each orthodontic treatment will also depend on:


Type of malocclusion
Patient's age
Treatment Objectives
Type of orthodontic technique used
Gum condition
Patient engagement

There are different techniques for orthodontic treatment, such as traditional braces. The brackets consist of two parts, the bracket (metal or zirconium piece that is attached to the tooth) and the metal arch (it is the wire that joins the brackets).


Braces, whether aesthetic or metallic, are attached to the tooth by an adhesive technique, this type of orthodontics offers a more advanced treatment for patients who have more complex dental problems. The treatment with brackets is usually a slightly more uncomfortable treatment than invisalign because they produce sores and these often cause pain and are more uncomfortable when it comes to eating or brushing teeth.


At Clínica Puerto Dental we work with different types of brackets:

Metal brackets: these types of brackets are the traditional ones, they are the most commonly used and are indicated in all treatments for tooth malpositioning.

Aesthetic braces: these brackets are made of ceramic, they are more aesthetic because they have a color that mimics the natural color of the tooth.

Lingual brackets: Lingual brackets is an orthodontic treatment in which the brackets are glued to the lingual face of the tooth, i. e. behind the tooth. This technique is called incognito system because, even if you wear them, other people will not appreciate it.

In addition to traditional orthodontics we also have the invisalign system, this system is a new technique of orthodontics; it is a more comfortable and aesthetic method than braces because it is the use of transparent splints (teeth covers) that are changed from time to time, you can remove them to eat or brush your teeth. It also has different types:

Invisalign full:

This is the most widely used type of invisalign because it can treat all types of dental malocclusions and malpositions.

Invisalign lite:

This type of treatment is recommended for more basic cases in which it is necessary to correct slight malpositions of the teeth, such as small crowding or to correct slight gaps between teeth.

Therefore, the duration of an orthodontic treatment will always depend on the type of malocclusion of each patient and the technique used to correct them, among other factors. Given the various techniques that exist to perform an orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to come to our office so that we can resolve all sorts of questions you may have about orthodontics.