Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry encompasses everything that helps maintain health and aesthetics after the loss of a tooth, trauma, caries or other alterations.


Treatment of tooth canals
When caries reaches the tissues inside the tooth (nerve) and is left untreated, it will result in an infection forming an abscess (pus buildup) that will affect the bone around the tooth, causing pain and surrounding the permanent tooth. Therefore, it is a big mistake to think that, since one day your baby teeth will fall out, you don't have to worry too much about taking care of them.

Preformed Crown

Depending on the degree of tooth destruction, the Pediatric Dentist will have to decide whether a reconstruction is possible or whether a preformed crown should be placed on the tooth to preserve it. The crowns offer greater resistance, retention and prevent caries recurrence. They are glued on molars or temporary teeth, until they fall out like a normal tooth.


They are placed as the last treatment option to keep teeth that are too sick, avoiding the loss of space for permanent successors, as trying to keep the tooth itself, will be the best method to conserve space.

They are the treatment of choice in severe cases of bruxism or teeth with flaws in the structure of enamel or dentine.

In our clinic we have the traditional metal crowns and pediatric zirconium esthetic crowns, for this type of teeth, if necessary, we will inform you.

By maintaining this space, the correct eruption guide of the permanent successor is maintained, occlusion is maintained, and habits such as inserting the tongue between the upper and lower teeth are avoided, which can create problems until then non-existent.


Space Maintainers
They are placed after premature loss of a temporary tooth, to preserve the space of the permanent successor tooth, which is not yet sufficiently formed to emerge.

There are many types according to the patient's needs, fixed, removable, unilateral, bilateral and aesthetic, especially for the anterior area.


Seals or Resin Restorations
A resin or composite filling is what is commonly known as an aesthetic dental filling. After cleaning the cavity of a cavity, it is filled with a tooth-coloured material similar to that of the tooth, never metallic, rehabilitating the dental anatomy, recovering the function, aesthetics, chewing and correct occlusion of the teeth with their antagonists.