Dental bridges

Although the aesthetic effect of missing teeth is often cause for concern, the biggest problem is what happens with the ability to chew food, keep gums healthy, and when the teeth surrounding the empty space begin to change. Dental bridges are the solution.


A dental bridge is so called because it fills the space where a tooth or teeth have been lost.


There are several different types of dental bridge that can be used depending on the situation.

Dental crowns
Preparation for a crown
Placement of the crown
Dental Implants
Dental implants are now recognized as routine treatment for a wide range of dental problems from single tooth replacement to complete oral rehabilitation.


Individual implants
If only one tooth replacement is needed, a dental implant can be inserted into the jaw bone. Once restored with a dental crown, the implant should feel the same way as missing teeth. The result will restore your smile while at the same time be flexible.


Multiple implants

While there is sufficient bone support, it is possible to replace many or even all of the teeth with dental implants.

One method is the use of dental implants to anchor a prosthesis or bridge for a safer, more comfortable and functional replacement. This also reduces the discomfort of loose dentures.

Dental aesthetics
The treatments that focus on getting a perfect smile are several although there is a greater demand for some of them as:


Tooth whitening, whether the patient is performed at home or at the clinic, in both cases the aim is to achieve a homogeneous colour and whiter shade.


Orthodontic treatment in order to correct alterations of the bite, and at the same time to obtain the alignment of the teeth in the dental arches.


Realization of dental veneers whose objective is to correct color and anatomical shape alterations quickly and easily.

Dental implants to replace the absences of dental pieces that are compromised or have been lost previously so that aesthetics can be returned to empty spaces.


Clinica Puerto Dental will offer you a wide range of treatment plan alternatives to achieve the desired dental aesthetics always counting on the patient's expectations, nowadays dental aesthetics is no longer a luxury but is becoming a necessity that improves the quality of life.